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Nexus4 Notes (Nexus4 Topaz Notes) (NXBHD) Summary

Nexus4 Notes [Matured]

Key Features

Nexus4 Topaz Notes are designed to deliver the following key features:

  • capital guaranteed at maturity by Deutsche Bank;
  • on issue, a AA- p.N.R.i rating by Standard & Poor's, which represents a AA- rating on the repayment at maturity of principal invested and no rating on the payment of interest;
  • an investment based on the creditworthiness of a portfolio of 120 companies which is managed by Société Générale Asset Management Alternative Investments S.A.;
  • interest payable for the first interest period from the Issue Date to 20 November 2005 is based on the 180 day Bank Bill Rate plus 2.60% per annum;
  • thereafter, interest is payable based on a floating interest rate which reflects changes in the credit market's view of companies in the portfolio as well as changes in market interest rates. The amount of interest payable will be reduced if portfolio companies suffer credit events or net trading losses that result from a portfolio composition change; and
  • a 10 year term with liquidity available to all investors at a price disclosed by Nexus pm ASX on the 7th anniversary of the issue date. In addition, the ability to trade Nexus4 Topaz Notes on ASX.
Rating A "AA-" p.N.R.i rating by Standard & Poor's*, which represents a "AA-" rating on the repayment at maturity of principal invested and no rating on the repayment of interest.
Term 10 years. Nexus4 Topaz Notes may be redeemed early or repaid late in certain circumstances as set out in the Prospectus.
Maturity Date 23 June 2015
Issue Price $100 per Nexus4 Topaz Note
Issue Size $79 million
Fees Investors do not pay application, management or exit fees to Nexus.
ASX Listing 29 June 2005
Prospectus View prospectus

Nexus4 Topaz Notes are classified as unsecured notes for the purposes of Section 283BH of the Corporations Act 2001.

Nexus4 Topaz Notes are subject to investment risk. The key risks include: a reduction in the interest payable on Nexus4 Topaz Notes, the portfolio is not managed by the Portfolio Manager in a manner that preserves the Income Factor, and the credit risk of Deutsche Bank, which may affect amounts payable on Nexus4 Topaz Notes. Investors are also reliant on Deutsche Bank calculating the Trading Gains and Trading Losses, which impact the Income Factor, and the Floating Credit Margin in a manner consistent with customary practices and procedures in international credit markets. These and other key risks are set out in the Prospectus.

The repayment of the principal amount of Nexus4 Topaz Notes (Principal Amount) on the Maturity Date (10 years after the Issue Date) is capital guaranteed by Deutsche Bank. If there is an early redemption, Investors may receive less than their original investment amount. Deutsche Bank's guarantee does not apply if Nexus4 Topaz Notes are redeemed early. The payment of interest and the performance of Nexus, each as described in the Prospectus, are not guaranteed by Deutsche Bank nor any related parties or associates of Deutsche Bank. Neither Deutsche Bank nor any of its related parties or associates makes any representation or gives any guarantee or assurance as to the performance of Nexus (other than the guarantee of repayment of the Principal Amount on the Maturity Date), the payment of interest on Nexus4 Topaz Notes or any particular rate of overall return.

* The rating assigned to Nexus4 Topaz Notes is not a recommendation to buy, hold or sell Nexus4 Topaz Notes in as much as it does not comment as to market price or suitability for a particular investor. Any rating may be changed, suspended or withdrawn at any time by as a result of changes in, or unavailability of information, or based on other circumstances.

Arranger: Deutsche Bank

Nexus4 Notes (NXBHD)

As a result of the Credit Event announced to the ASX on 19th August 2009, the Income Factor used to calculate the interest payable on Nexus4 Topaz Notes will reduce from its current level of 6.4396 to zero. Because the Income Factor has now reduced to zero, no further interest is payable on the Nexus4 Topaz Notes

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