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Nexus3 Notes (NXBHC) Summary

Nexus3 Notes [Matured]

Key Features

Nexus3 Notes are designed to deliver the following key features:

  • a floating rate return of 2.75% per annum above the 90 day Bank Bill Rate;
  • on issue, a BBB+ rating from Standard & Poor's;
  • a 6 year term, although the Nexus3 Notes may be redeemed early or repaid late in certain circumstances;
  • an investment based on debt obligations owed to the Deutsche Bank group;
  • the ability to trade Nexus3 Notes on ASX; and
  • no entry, exit or management fees payable by Noteholders to Nexus.
Rating A BBB investment grade rating by Standard & Poor's*
Term 6 years. Nexus3 Notes may be redeemed early or repaid late in certain circumstances as set out in the Prospectus.
Maturity Date 14 December 2010
Issue Price $100 per Nexus3 Note
Issue Size $35 million
Fees Investors do not pay application, management or exit fees to Nexus.
ASX Listing 17 December 2004
Prospectus View prospectus

Nexus3 Notes are classified as unsecured notes for the purposes of Section 283BH of the Corporations Act 2001.

Nexus3 Notes are subject to investment risks, which may result in possible delays in repayment, early redemption and the reduction or loss of principal and interest. It is recommended that, before making a decision to apply for Nexus3 Notes, you consult your broker or licensed financial services adviser.

The repayment of the principal amount, payment of interest and the performance of Nexus, each as described in the Prospectus, are not guaranteed by Deutsche Bank AG (ABN 13 064 165 162), nor any related parties or associates of Deutsche Bank. Neither Deutsche Bank nor any of its related parties or associates makes any representation or gives any guarantee or assurance as to the performance of Nexus, the payment of interest, the repayment of amounts invested or any particular rate of overall return. Nexus3 Notes do not represent a deposit or any other type of liability of Deutsche Bank or any related parties or associates of Deutsche Bank.

* The rating assigned to Nexus3 Notes is not a recommendation to buy, hold or sell Nexus3 Notes, and may be subject to change, suspension or withdrawal at any time by Standard & Poor's.

Arranger: Deutsche Bank

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